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Your unique platform for biochar sales and procurement​​

Getting the best out of your biochar

Accccess to the right biochar

Whether you are looking for a biochar for a specific application or know exactly which properties you need – we find you the right biochar. 

Safe time & money

Benefit from a streamlined procurement & sales process. Maximised supply and demand on our market will ensure the best possible price for your biochar while keeping the costs minimal.

Ensuring quality & compliance

We make sure that the biochar you source is in line with the regulatory requirements and necessary quality standards.

Finding the right fit

Enchar finds the right match between your application profile and our vast database of biochars.

Selecting the best offer

Biochar buyers can select from an individualised list of offers taking into account their requirements and the regulatory landscape. 

Confirming the request

After a final confirmation by the biochar seller, the sell is concluded and the biochar is delivered.

Get the best possible results by applying the right biochar for each application.

Increased crop yield - Improved soil health - Reduced irrigation need - Reduced pesticides use
Animal feed & litter management
Improved animal health- Less N2O ammonia emissions
Improved turf health - Reduced irrigation need - Reduced pesticides use - Reduced fungicides use
Replacement of carbon-intensive materials - Improved flammability -

Our network of biochar producers

Through our network of biochar producers and users we can connect the right type of biochar with each application efficiently. Our network is rapidly growing- it currently includes the following geographies: