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The world's first biochar marketplace

Matching demand and supply of biochar at scale

Bringing the right type of biochar to the right application area at scale
Facilitated market access & creation of transparency

Connecting  players & fostering the biochar ecosystem

Why we're here

If we want to reach our climate targets and mitigating the devastating effects of climate change, just reducing carbon emissions is not enough. We have to capture and store carbon emissions safely.

Biochar can help us to do that: It is among the fastest, most scalable and economical ways to sequester larger amounts of carbon. In addition to that, it offers various benefits across different application areas such as agriculture and construction materials.

… yet there is no central sourcing platform that facilitates sales & procurement of biochar​

Challenges for..

.. suppliers

It’s inefficient & time-consuming  to establish a sales networks and find the most lucrative markets.

.. users

There is no neutral market platform that helps sourcing the right type of biochar at scale. 

What we do

We build the first market space for biochar and carbon certificates.

We offer biochar producers an easy route-to-market by selling biochar and carbon certificates on their behalf.

As independent market platform, we allow buyers to find the for them right type of biochar and source it at scale. 

What we value

Customer obsession​

We always seek to provide the highest possible value to our customers. Therefore, we continuously evolve our products around our customers’ needs and feedback.

Strong partnerships

We believe in the value of strong and trusting partnerships. Consequently, we build a network of biochar experts, research institutes, CDR experts, biochar producers and users.

Technology centric

We automate your biochar supply chain so the process is so seamless as possible.  Through our self-service capabilities everything you need is just a finger tip away.

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