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How we operate

The best biochar for your application. Sit back and relax. We do the matching.

The most efficient channel for your biochar sales

The best biochar for your application

Our approach is based on a large biochar producer network, extensive testing of their products, and our unique assessment approach to provide you with the best match.

What the user does

What Enchar is doing in the back

1. Tell us what you are looking for.

  • Example:
  • Use: Agricultural soil
  • Goal 1: Reducing irrigation
  • Goal 2: Improve soil structure
  • Tonnage: 500 t
  • Max.price: 600 €/t
  • Delivery: As soon as possible


We guide you through the whole process and can provide additional consultation and information if required.

Additional testing [Optional]

Enchar can provide additional testing of biochars for specific properties or performance if requested.

3. Informed decision

Based on the information Enchar provided - the user can make an informed and confident decision about the right type of biochar.

Purchase agreement

Enchar organises the required contracts and paperwork between the biochar user and the producer.

Biochar is shipped

The producer organises the transport of the biochar to the buyer.

4. The biochar is received

Enjoy your biochar!


Enchar combines performance data of previously traded biochar, our internal test results, literature data, and modelling results to classify each request according to the best fitting profile in our profile database.

We are comparing the classification profile of the request with our biochar database

We use our database consisting of all available biochars to find potentially suitable biochars according to the specific biochar profile.

A negative list is used to automatically remove certain biochars from our search pool. This includes legal requirements for the application of biochars in individual countries, certifications, or chemical properties of biochars which are detrimental to the specific application.

The remaining biochars are ranked according to the case-specific physical and chemical properties. We use upper and lower limits for individual properties to define optimal materials.

Individual properties only tell you so much about a biochar. We use an expert assessment to determine the final ranking of our available biochars.

If you have any further questions