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Get the right biochar easily

Better product choice and personalised services

Get the best biochar

We help you to determine which biochar best fits your requirements and area of application and to source it effortlessly.

Access biochar at scale​

Compile your biochar procurement portfolio based on the input parameters: biochar characteristics, quantity and price. Where needed, we aggregate the biochar production from several suppliers.

Reduce the risk​

We provide support if you need additional characterisations of your biochar, want more in-depth quality checks, or want to safeguard the quality of your biochar. So you can be sure the biochar quality stays consistent over time and meets your expectations.

Benefit from regulatory guidance

Stay up-to-date with the fast changing regulatory landscape. Benefit from our services such as an introduction to the existing regulations and certifications, notifications in case of regulatory or market changes as well as individual consultations.

Leverage your carbon sequestration impact

Do good and talk about it: We calculate how much carbon you have sequestered and support you in your marketing efforts by providing increased visibility.

Get more out of your biochar

Keep us informed about the progress of your project and we can provide even better biochar for your next steps. Your success is our success.


If you are interested in partnering with us or learning more, please don’t hesitate to reach out.
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