Building your biochar portfolio strategy

Biochar portfolio strategy

Whether you’re seeking to procure biochar, explore co-investment opportunities, or expand your production capacity, we are your strategic partner in shaping and executing your biochar portfolio strategy.

Unique market insights & partner network

Leveraging our unparalleled market expertise and extensive partner network, we facilitate your access to essential components, be it sourcing the optimal feedstock, selecting the right technology provider, or identifying project partners.

Project scouting

By identifying and securing promising new and upcoming biochar projects, we not only fortify your supply chain but also secure substantial volumes at highly competitive prices.

Our matchmaking process

What biochar buyers do

What Enchar does

You tell us what you need

  • Example:
  • Use: Agricultural soil
  • Goal 1: Reducing irrigation
  • Goal 2: Improve soil structure
  • Tonnage: 500 t
  • Max.price: 600 €/t
  • Delivery: As soon as possible


We guide you through the whole process and can provide additional consultation and information if required.

Offer selection

Enchar finds the best biochars for your request.

The user receives a ranked list of suggested biochars including the price, available tonnage, and performance estimation.

Request profile

Classification of the according to Enchar’s internal biochar profile database.

Database research

We are comparing the classification profile of the request with our biochar database


  1. All available biochars are checked against a negative list of undesired properties of the specific application profile.
  2. We are comparing the classification profile of the request with our biochar database
  3. Our experts assess the top ranked biochars and adjust the ranking for any missed beneficial or undesired property combinations.


Individual properties only tell you so much about a biochar. We use an expert assessment to determine the final ranking of our available biochars.


Informed decision

Based on the information Enchar provided – the user can make an informed and confident decision about the right type of biochar.

Purchase agreement

Enchar organises the required contracts and paperwork between the biochar user and the producer.

Biochar is shipped

The producer organises the transport of the biochar to the buyer.

The biochar is received

Use your biochar for a more sustainable future.

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